Millettia aboensis

Picture of Millettia aboensis fruit and seeds. O.Olubodun

Millettia aboensis

Scientific name: Millettia aboensis Hook.f. Baker.
Family: Leguminosae. Family: Leguminosae.
Distribution/conservation status: occurs in rainforest in southeastern Nigeria. Not assessed by the IUCN Red List.
Common names: Ndu ezi (Igbo), Òdúdū (Efik), Erurumesi (Edo).
Fruits/seeds: conspicuous rust-coloured velvety pods, containing 2 – 4 brown, disc-shaped seeds.
Fruiting time: November – March.
Seed collection: pods split open to release seeds which are easily collected under and around the parent tree.
Type of seed: recalcitrant.
Sowing method: sow flat at a depth of 2cm in trays or pots.
Sowing medium: forest soil.
Germination period: 10 – 14%.
Germination percentage: 60%.
Growth/development: seedlings require partial shade and are usually large enough to planted out 4 weeks after germination.
Notes: seedlings are sensitive to dry conditions and should be watered daily.

Picture of Millettia aboensis flowering. credits: D.Bown

Millettia aboensis flowering. credits: D.Bown

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