Baphia nitida

Picture of Baphia nitida fruits & seeds. credits: O.Olubodun

Baphia nitida

Scientific name: Baphia nitida Lodd.
Family: Leguminosae.
Distribution/conservation status: common and widespread in rainforest, secondary forest and abandoned farmland, especially in coastal regions. Assessed by the IUCN Red List as being of Least Concern (LC).
Common names: Camwood, African sandalwood (English), Aboshi, Ufie (Igbo), Irosun, Urosun (Yoruba), Otua, Ositua (Edo)
Fruits/seeds: almost spiral, compressed pod, pointed at each end and containing 1-4 brown disc-shaped seeds.
Fruiting time: November – January.
Seed collection: ripe pods split open to release seeds which are easily collected from under the parent tree.
Type of seed: recalcitrant.
Sowing method: sow seeds flat at a depth of 2 cm.
Sowing medium: forest soil.
Germination period: 14 days.
Germination percentage: 90%.
Growth/development: seedlings require partial shade and can be planted out after 6 weeks. Young trees fruit for the first time after 2 years.
Notes: collect fallen seeds during the dry season as they start to germinate at the onset of rain.

Picture of Baphia nitida leaves. credits: D.Bown

Baphia nitida leaves. credits: D.Bown

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