Status of urban ecology in Africa: A systematic review

Urbanization is an extreme human activity and is expanding worldwide, consequently …

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Recent sightings of the African Wollyneck Ciconia microscelis in southern Nigeria

The African Woollyneck Ciconia microscelis is uncommon in Nigeria, and is…

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First breeding record of Ahanta Francolin Pternistis ahantensis for Nigeria

Ahanta Francolin Pternistis ahantensis is restricted to the Guinea-Congo Forest…

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Bird conservation in Africa – the contributions of the Ibadan Bird Club

Conservation efforts produce remarkable results when stakeholders (landowners, indigenes, visitors…

Black-crowned Capuchin Babbler Phyllanthus rubiginosus in southwest Nigeria

The abundance and breeding of the Black-crowned Capuchin Babbler Phyllanthus rubiginosus are…

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Breeding phenology and morphology of some forest birds in Benin and Nigeria

In three rainforest patches in Nigeria and one in the Republic of Benin during

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First record of successful breeding of the Ibadan Malimbe Malimbus ibadanensis

We monitored a pair of Ibadan Malimbe Malimbus ibadanensis nesting on an
Antiaris toxicaria tree…

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Effects of moult and breeding on the body condition of some forest birds in southwest Nigeria

By using body mass and tarsus length as a proxy for body condition, the
effects of moult…