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The IITA Forest center manages and utilizes forest resources for conservation, research, and education

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Our focus

IITA Forest Reserve

IITA’s forest was originally part of much larger forests in southwestern Nigeria but now, surrounded by the city of Ibadan, it is the best protected and only urban forest in the region.

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Ethnobotanical Garden

The Ethnobotanical Garden aims to cultivate, propagate, and display plants of practical and cultural importance to the Yoruba.

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Botanical Nursery

The Botanical Nursery stocks over 130 indigenous plants and over 50 different exotic plants, including fruit trees, potted plants, hedges and grasses.

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Ornithological Monitoring

Ornithological Monitoring Project aim is to monitor the Important Bird Area more effectively by carrying out scientific surveys.

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Who we are

The IITA Forest Unit was set up 1 January 2015 to succeed the five-year Forest Project. It manages and utilises forest resources for conservation, research, education and training at the following sites within the 1000-ha IITA Ibadan campus.

Tree Heritage Park

An arboretum for threatened and rare Nigerian trees.

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Forest School

Outdoor classroom and activity platforms, camp site, barbeque and picnic facilities, trails, canopy observation tower and outdoor play areas.

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Where we are