Botanical Nursery

The Forest Unit Botanical Nursery was set up in early 2010 on the site of the original IITA nursery which produced ornamentals for landscaping the campus in the 1970s. The aim was to propagate native trees for reforestation as part of the 5-year Leventis-funded IITA Forest Project. In the final year of the project, 2014, the range of plants expanded to include medicinal plants for the Ethnobotanical Garden. Over the past three years, as part of projects to develop the Tree Heritage Park and ex situ conservation of endangered native trees, the emphasis has been on collecting seeds and propagating species which are assessed as threatened by the IUCN Red List or known to be in decline.

The Botanical Nursery stocks over 130 indigenous plants, including fruit trees, potted plants, hedges and grasses. Medicinal plants and local vegetables are a specialty. A list containing prices of seedlings of indigenous plants is available for free [DOWNLOADS]. An advisory and landscaping service is available and large numbers of certain plants can be propagated to order.

Picture of Young trees in IITA Forest Project nursery