Buchholzia coriacea

Picture of Buchholzia coriacea fruits & seeds. credits: D.Bown

Buchholzia coriacea

Scientific name: Buchholzia coriacea Engl.
Family: Capparaceae.
Distribution/conservation status: an understory tree occurring in evergreen forest, often near watercourses. Not assessed by the IUCN red List.
Common names: Elephant kola (English), Obo (Yoruba), Owi (Edo).
Fruits/seeds: orange-yellow, smooth, and irregularly ovoid, containing 1 – 4 black, globose, slightly flattened seeds.
Fruiting time: July – August.
Seed collection: ripe fruits open slightly and fall off tree; collect from under parent tree and prise open to remove seeds.
Type of seed: recalcitrant.
Sowing method: sow at a depth of 2 – 3 cm.
Sowing medium: cured sawdust.
Germination period: 30 days.
Germination percentage: 75%.
Growth/development: seedlings require shade; they grow quite quickly and can be planted out after 4 weeks.
Notes: fruits are normally dispersed by forest elephants. In forests where there are no longer elephants, nursery propagation is essential to ensure survival of this species.

Picture of Buchholzia coriacea seedling. credits: D.Bown

Buchholzia coriacea seedling. credits: D.Bown

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