Cola millenii

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Scientific name: Cola millenii K.Schum.
Family: Malvaceae.
Distribution/conservation status: occurs mainly in western Nigeria in semi-deciduous lowland rainforest and secondary forest. Not assessed by the IUCN Red List.
Common names: Monkey cola (English), Obi edun, Atewo-edun (Yoruba), Ewoha-bitan (Edo)
Fruits/seeds: clusters of 6-11 orange-red, obovoid carpels, each containing 8 – 10 seeds.
Fruiting time: March – April.
Seed collection: collect ripe fruits from or under the tree it. Cut each fruit open to extract the seeds, taking care not to damage them.
Type of seed: recalcitrant.
Sowing method: sow in nursery pots at a depth 3cm.
Sowing medium: forest soil.
Germination period: 14 – 21 days.
Germination percentage: 65%.
Growth/development: seedlings require partial shade and grow vigorously; they can be planted out 8 weeks after germination. Trees begin to fruit when c. 8 years old.

Picture of Cola millenii flowers. credits: D.Bown

Cola millenii flowers. credits: D.Bown

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